Items Wanted in St Cloud, MN

21 items
Can pick up anytime. swansonca1855@gmail.com
In search of a queen sized bed frame that has the ends on it to be able to mount a headboard.
Looking for young children's books for a little free library. Will pick up!
Need a NICE Bumper for a '73 TX ,thanks VS
All kinds of yarn, any color. Wine corks.
Wanted: oil paint in tubes for painting on canvas. Will pick up or meet you. Thank you, Kate
Please I just need the frame, we have the mattresses. Can pick up any time. I can take mattresses if you need them removed. Thank you! 320-266-3330
Looking for milk crates or big wire trays/baskets to use in some garage shelving.
In need of a twin bed and frame
Disabled woman needs help . Small bathroom floor
I would gladly provide a container if you have rabbits you clean up after and when it is ready I will come trade it out for an empty one. I want the pellets for my gardens. Thank you!
Looking for a starter plant. Virgin's Bower is a native wildflower climbing vine; I'm hoping I can find someone with a baby to share, rather than needing to spend money at a nursery. White or purple would both be welcomed.
I am looking for a used men's trench coat, long. At least a size XL or 44. Prefer it in a tall.
Looking for Creative Stitching by Sue Spargo. Would take any of her other books as well but really interested in the Creative Stitching book.
wanted 32 x 80 garage steel door
I know this is a total long shot. But I am looking for a treadmill that can fold up ( I have limited space in my house) Over the summer I have been walking before work to help get healthy but with it getting darker I haven't been able to do it as often and I really would like to keep it up. Thank you
If anyone has a working sewing machine they would like gone, my daughter is interested in learning to sew. Thank you!
Looking for gallon size glass jars. They do not need to have a covers.
Looking for yard (farm) light. Want to light up our food shelf property to slow down low-down thieves.
I'm in search of scrap building materials -anything bigger than your hand I'll be able to put to use. Wood, drywall, paint, screws, wire, concrete, plaster, lime, pipe.
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