Items Wanted in St Cloud, MN

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I would gladly provide a container if you have rabbits you clean up after and when it is ready I will come trade it out for an empty one. I want the pellets for my gardens. Thank you!
Looking for a starter plant. Virgin's Bower is a native wildflower climbing vine; I'm hoping I can find someone with a baby to share, rather than needing to spend money at a nursery. White or purple would both be welcomed.
I am looking for a used men's trench coat, long. At least a size XL or 44. Prefer it in a tall.
Looking for Creative Stitching by Sue Spargo. Would take any of her other books as well but really interested in the Creative Stitching book.
wanted 32 x 80 garage steel door
I know this is a total long shot. But I am looking for a treadmill that can fold up ( I have limited space in my house) Over the summer I have been walking before work to help get healthy but with it getting darker I haven't been able to do it as often and I really would like to keep it up. Thank you
If anyone has a working sewing machine they would like gone, my daughter is interested in learning to sew. Thank you!
Looking for gallon size glass jars. They do not need to have a covers.
Looking for yard (farm) light. Want to light up our food shelf property to slow down low-down thieves.
I'm in search of scrap building materials -anything bigger than your hand I'll be able to put to use. Wood, drywall, paint, screws, wire, concrete, plaster, lime, pipe.
I'm in search of any fabric, nylon webbing, fasteners, and/or yarn -does not matter the color, pattern, or size. Will be used for everything from mixed media art projects to pieces of kids Halloween costumes. Anything would be appreciated.
Do you have a face book account you don't use that you would like to lease? We will pay you $150 a month to use it. Here are the details: Must have never ran ads before on your account and must have a reliable internet connection. Account must be a real verifiable account, no fake profiles...ID Required. Please respond with your name, contact number and your general location.
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